Great Dog Days

If you've visited here before, Welcome back! We are "head over tails" that you choose us to be your "Bone-a-fide" "Fur-st" choice Pet Care provider.

If this is your first visit, I am glad you are giving us the "opp-paw-tunity" to to "treat" your little loved ones with a "paw-some" time. We can't wait to help you relieve your schedule and join your pet in having a GREAT day! Not only do we specialize in dogs, but we have ALL sorts of pets we attend to! Checkout our gallery to view the many kinds of the happy clients we have.

Our furry friends bring joy into our lives everyday! See, you're smiling already, just having that thought.  Deep inside, the most gratifying thing about dogs is that, whatever your faults (and your dog knows you better than anyone), they think you are practically "purr-fect". We want to "fur-ever" give them back even just a small part of what they give us.

Along with reciprocating all that love comes a responsibility.

You've got a lot of other "res-paw-nsibilities" too, whether it is at work, in the community, or with the family at home. Sometimes you may just need a social life now and then and there's nothing wrong with any of that...but you're feeling guilty about dedicating time to your success, spending time with your family, going to Happy Hour/Dinner/lunch, getting errands done, or even just going shopping...and Why?!? Because you have yet another responsibility: your pet. Now you find yourself stressing out about doing something "purr-fectly" reasonable because you'd have to leave your dog on its own for hours.

There's a solution for that!!! Great Dog Days with us!

Work, travel, illness, and other life events can prevent you from being there to give our fur babies the attention they need.  Sometimes that means you're away from home for a few days, and you're unhappy about putting them into a small crate-sized room (or, as is often the case in many pet facilities, an actual crate in a 2- or 3-tiered row of crates) for more than 8 hours each day.  Even if it's a reputable place where there are plenty of staff members and they aren't too busy on their cell phones to do more than trot your precious one out for 10 minutes on a concrete exercise pad, even if they really do give them their personalized attention for those promised 20 minutes a day, and if they really do get 30 minutes of group play...back they go into the crate.  From what I see there is not really much of a difference from being in the pound. That's not what your dog wants and it's definitely not what he/she is used to.  What they want is at least 30 minutes at a time of your almost undivided attention, craves to hang out where they usually do, and sleep in a bed or crate that they are familiar with while having you or at least someone they know in the immediate area.

Whether it be a "re-pet-itive" arrangement or occasional event, if you need help to make sure your pets have the GREATEST care and attention they deserve. when it can't be from their ideal person, i.e. you, then it needs to come from someone they've come to see as one of their other "furr-iends". That's where I come into the picture. And that's what I deliver!

Great Dog Days is a FULLY LICENSED AND INSURED company

The Services page tells you what I can and will do.  I always give 100% and do to my best ability with anything I agree to do. General Pricing is listed under the Pricing Estimates Page, but please check with me about possible special pricing which is all situational. Fees may be applied on top of services amount, in the case that something needs to be replaced, cleaned, fixed, purchase specifically for your pet, etc.

The Pricing Estimates page also allows you to see which services and descriptions of what we "off-fur". There is a scheduling option(although contacting us via phone call, text, or email is most conducive for both sides). There, you may also preview general pricing before payment. If I am available, if I can carry out what you want done, and if your dog and I get along, then I will make a personalized plan for each pet. Once you are an existing client you can use the page to self-schedule visits online, but for obvious reasons I can't commit to walk or sit for a dog I haven't gotten to know yet. First time customers or former clients that are adding on a new pet to your plan will have to consist of a meet and greet, which will be need to be paid in advance.

The Get GREAT Stuff page is the answer to the every day question I get from multiple people who pass by while I am out and about walking my Great Dane, Decker.  It's not uncommon for me to hear "OOOoOOoo!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?!?!?"

Over the years of putting in time, money, and research into things I need for myself or my clients pets, I've found some things that work really well for us as pet-owners and our little ones. So the GREAT stuff page has things that have been useful in making our lives (as owners or pet care professionals) a bit easier.

Examples: having to be out there in the different weather conditions, the number of pets, the strength and size of our pets, etc. Another thought...If you don't need one of these items yourself, you probably know someone who does, and they can be great gifts and you'll be a hero for recommending these items on my page to your friends!

white pink and green round plastic toy
I also love doing arts and crafts!

To "paint a general picture for you"...I like to refurnish furniture, make wreaths, do home projects, and now I am creating Customized Products with YOUR PETS on them!! I'd love to be able to create personalized items for all the pet parents in the community or your friends who may not live in the community. All the items are GREAT DAY to day customized items and are purr-fect gifts for others as well! Please let me know if we can do anything. Contact me for pricing and unique ideas.